CHINADAILY:University sends over 10,000 masks to its teachers, students staying abroad
发布时间:2020-03-31 浏览量: 来源 2020-03-28 编辑:朱小翠

By Li Wenfang in Guangzhou

Guangdong University of Technology reaches out to help its 380 Chinese and foreign teachers and students staying overseas fight against the novel coronavirus. [Photo provided to]Guangdong University of Technology has delivered more than 10,000 masks to its 380 Chinese and foreign teachers and students staying in countries including the United States, Australian and Japan to help them fight the novel coronavirus.

The university administration also sent letters to encourage them to keep a positive attitude in their work, life and prevention of the virus and to inform them on related epidemic control guidance.

Support teams have been working to help the university's teachers and students staying in different countries.

The university has also sent letters to 157 overseas universities in partnership with it to convey support and hope for care for its teachers and students.

"It is reassuring to know that as China begins the healing from the battle against COVID-19, and the rest of the world, including Australia, now grapples with this invisible enemy, that it is our committed friendship that will continue to support each other and our partnership during these turbulent times," Tayyeb Shah, deputy vice-chancellor (global partnerships) of University of Western Australia, said in a letter to Luan Tiangang, vice-president of Guangdong University of Technology.